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Huawei Switches – Software Update

This post is not related to Juniper stuff, but nice to know if you work with Huawei switches…

I’ve worked with the S2300 series last year and learned a lot about the „Huawei Versatile Routing Platform Software“ or VRP.  From my point of view the cli felt not very comfortable.  For example: most of the time where I used the tab-completion it fails, because the cli suggested the complete(!) first command instead of only suggest the next characters to the next closest matching word – like Juniper or Cisco cli does 😉 If you are fast in typing this could be very frustating.  However the cli could be very smart, because it doesn’t let you remove a option or command, which is currently in use by another command. This prevent you of wrong configurations.

I also did some software updates on these decives and I would share the procedure with you.:

1) remove old patches

patch delete all

2) take a look at your flash disk and remove old *.cc files

delete /unreserved <name of old .cc file>

3) get your new .cc file, for e.g. via FTP

ftp <ip>
get <name of new .cc file>

4) apply new software image for next startup

startup system-software <name of new .cc file>

5) verify correct startup settings

display startup

6) fire and forget 😉


… and hopefully your switch will now come up with the new software image.

Test your MTU size with ping (JunOS/IOS and some more)

Here are some examples for testing MTU size with ICMP request/reply (aka Ping) and different operating systems. The list show the options to test your MTU with 1500 byte packets and don’t fragment bit set. If you get a reply, your MTU is fine.

OS Version Size option DF-bit option Example command
IOS (Cisco) 12.4 size 1500 df-bit ping ip size 1500 df-bit
JunOS (Juniper) 11.4 size 1472 do-not-fragment ping size 1472 do-not-fragment
VRP (Huawei) 5.70 -s 1472 -f ping -s 1472 -f
Windows XP -l 1472 -f ping -l 1472 -f -t
Linux Open-SuSE 11.4 -s 1472 -M do ping -s 1472 -M do
Solaris 11 1480 not implemented ping 1480