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Test your MTU size with ping (JunOS/IOS and some more)

Here are some examples for testing MTU size with ICMP request/reply (aka Ping) and different operating systems. The list show the options to test your MTU with 1500 byte packets and don’t fragment bit set. If you get a reply, your MTU is fine.

OS Version Size option DF-bit option Example command
IOS (Cisco) 12.4 size 1500 df-bit ping ip size 1500 df-bit
JunOS (Juniper) 11.4 size 1472 do-not-fragment ping size 1472 do-not-fragment
VRP (Huawei) 5.70 -s 1472 -f ping -s 1472 -f
Windows XP -l 1472 -f ping -l 1472 -f -t
Linux Open-SuSE 11.4 -s 1472 -M do ping -s 1472 -M do
Solaris 11 1480 not implemented ping 1480




Which JunOS version in practical JNCIE exams?

For your JNCIE-SP /-ENT or -SEC study you should always know which JunOS version is currently used in the track. This could give you a good insight, which features could be asked in compare to the exam topics. And of course, you should always use these versions in your own lab.

Here is short overview of the current (as of the date of this post) JunOS version in the practical exams:


JunOS version

JNCIE-SP 10.4, changing to 12.3 in Aug 2013

When you are browsing through Junipers website for configuration commands, you will find a drop-down menu at the top-right on the most pages. You can choose the JunOS Version you need and also compare with older or newer versions. For e.g.: 10.4 -> 12.3 maybe multiple syntax changes?…who know 😉

Features / JunOS Version
Features / JunOS Version

You can also find the always latest informations about JunOS versions in exams on the Juniper Website: