Reserved for documentation use

Sometimes you have document a network behavior and need example prefixes or AS numbers. Here is a list of some documents and reserved values, which could be useful for this:

  • MAC unicast address (see RFC7042): 00:00:5E:00:53:00 to 00:00:5E:00:53:FF
  • MAC multicast address (see RFC7042): 01:00:5E:90:10:00 to 01:00:5E:90:10:FF
  • IPv4 unicast prefix (see RFC5737)-, and
  • IPv4 multicast prefix (see RFC6676)-
  • IPv6 unicast prefix (see RFC3849)- 2001:DB8::/32
  • IPv6 multicast prefix (see RFC6676)- FF0<any hex value>::DB8:0:0/96
  • AS numbers 16-bit (see RFC5398) – 64496 – 64511
  • AS numbers 32-bit (see RFC5398) – 65536 – 65551
  • Top-Level Domain (see BCP32) – .example


  • Alice and Bob, alternatives for ‚Person A’/’Person B‘ when describing processes in telecommunications; in cryptography Eve (the eavesdropper) is also added.(see Wikipedia)

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