Playing TIC-TAC-TOE against JunOS

Just for fun or as a little training for „howto add an op-script to junos“ you can try this….

You know the favorite game tic-tac-toe, but did you ever played it against JunOS ? Curtis Call implemented a really good version in SLAX, the JunOS Scripting Language.

You can find the repository of the script here:

…among with other very useful op/event/commit script examples.

You must save the .slax file into this directory:

admin@router> file list /var/db/scripts/op/


If you have a redundant routing-engine, you must also copy the file to the other routing-engine! Redundancy for playing games is  a MUST HAVE 😉

Then you can add the script to your configuration:

system {
    scripts {
        op {
            file tictactoe.slax;

And start playing 😉 this is a screenshot of my last game in „simple“ mode:

TIC-TAC-TOE against JunOS
TIC-TAC-TOE against JunOS

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