In future you will find here some informations (exam topics, books recommendation…) for your journey towards JNCIE-SEC.


Infrastructure Concepts

  • Security Zones
    • Configure security zones
  • Device Management
    • User accounts
    • System services

High Availability

  • HA Clustering
    • Active-active
    • Active-passive
    • Reth interfaces
    • Link aggregation
    • Control and data plane
    • Dual fabric links
    • Redundancy groups

Firewall Policies

  • Security Polices
    • Policy configuration
    • Advanced policy options
    • Schedulers
    • ALGs
    • Authorization
    • Bypass flow forwarding
  • Logging
    • Data and control plane logs
    • Forward logs to the RE
    • Send logs to external collectors
  • UTM
    • Anti-virus
    • Web filtering

IPsec VPNs

  • Implementation of IPsec VPNs
    • Multipoint tunnels
    • Policy and route-based VPNs
    • Traceoptions
    • Dual and backup tunnels
    • On-demand tunnels
    • DRP over a tunnel
    • Dynamic VPNs
    • Certificate-based VPNs
    • PKI
    • Interoperability with 3rd party devices


  • Implementation of NAT
    • Source NAT
    • Destination NAT
    • Static NAT
  • Implementation of NAT with IPSec
    • Overlapping IPs between sites

Attack Prevention

  • IDP
    • Logs
    • Custom polices
    • Automatic updates
  • L3/L4/L7 DoS
    • Stateless filters
    • Screens
    • Flow options
    • App DDos

Extended Implementation Concepts

  • Transparent mode
    • Configure transparent mode

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