Build your own lab

You can build up your JNCIE-SP lab in different ways, here you will find some suggestions:

Real physical lab based on mx-series

  • pro: you get the best experience!
  • optional: additional bgp peers could be logical systems or cheap cisco routers
  • contra: very expensive – only valid option if you have access on such a lab at your job

Physical lab based on srx 240

  • pro: mostly near real world lab
  • optional: additional bgp peers should be logical systems or cheap cisco routers
  • major expensive

Logical systems on one physical device  (example configuration)

  • contra: not every feature works
  • pro: minor expensive, upto 15 routers + virtual-routers instances for CE simulation
    • I used this method in 2006 😉


  • pro: simple! click your topology and start learning
  • pro: mx vm is coming 😉
  • pro: minor expensive (approx 50$ for 10 VMs for 24 hours)

Olive with gns3 / qemu

Olive with vmware

Hardware olives

  • contra: not every feature works
  • pro: minor expensive, get all the stuff on ebay for a few $
  • You need a generic PC with at least one Intel EtherExpress Pro/100B network card, an IDE hard disk and at least 512MB memory (JunOS 9.0 or later).
  • Network Card, see

2 Gedanken zu „Build your own lab“

  1. Hi

    can you please tell what all things will not work in following one? tunnel-services will work?

    Olive with gns3 / qemu

    sooraj thekkedath

    1. Hi Sooraj,

      there a some drawbacks using a olive in gns3 (but thats also true for hardware olives):
      – no vlan-tagging on fxp0 or em0 (some NICs known that support it on emX interfaces)
      – policer/qos behavior not the same as on MX
      – VPLS not working
      – AE not working
      – no MTU >1500bytes
      – no vt interfaces (only vrf-table-label for MPLS VRF possible)
      …and more…

      But all these drawbacks , doesn’t mean you cannot succesfully prepare for your JNCIE-xx with a Olive-Box(GNS3/VMware or Hardware). Indeed you can!

      My experience was, that I could study for more than 95% of all topics with logical-systems or olives. But sometimes you doesn’t have the knob you need which will complete your configuration, but it exists on a real juniper router. If you know that and understand the difference, then you should not have any problems in your real exams.

      // Maik

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