Book list for JNCIE-SP

Must read!

From my point of view the study guides from Harry Reynolds are the best option as first step for your preparation towards JNCIE-SP. You can download them directly from Juniper Website as PDF:

You need more training in IGP loop prevention and connecting IGP islands, then you should take a look at Gonzalo Gomez Herrero and Jan Anton Bernal Van Der Ven book „Network Mergers and Migrations: Junos® Design and Implementation“. A very good source for informations about migration szenarios.

I know that the world has moved on since 2006 when i took my JNCIE-M.  So a lot of development happen to all technologies we currently use.  So you must be also prepared for this, but currently no book exists about new topics. Another useful source of information will be the Day One Library. Here is my suggestion for you:

Build your own MX 😉

You wanna know more about the MX-Series features, including a detailed documentation of Trio chipset and forwarding in MX. Learn about hierarchical schedulers, firewall filters for Control Plane Protection, built-in DDOS prevention and high availability options. Then you should read the MX-Series book by Douglas Richard Hanks Jr. and Harry Reynolds:

Back to basics:

If you need an in deep view how each protocol work your best choice will be Joseph M. Soricelli JNCIS-M book. You can download it directly from Juniper Website as PDF:

What else?

I didn’t read any workbook from iNET Zero/Proteus or Twine, so I can’t suggest them. But maybe you have some experience with them and leave comment!  Do you know more good sources of informations for JNCIE-SP?

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